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Café Chic is a treat for the senses. The sight of its elegant black and gold package sets the stage. One can't wait once you smell the rich aroma. Then comes your first sip. This is a special coffee with a unique taste.

Grown in the picturesque country of Costa Rica, Café Chic is a gourmet treat. Law dictates only the finest grade of Arabica bean can be grown in Costa Rica, the country many call the Switzerland on the Americas.

Café Chic beans are nurtured on Enrique Carballo´s farm. For generations the Carballo family has harvested and handpicked these high-grade beans.
The Arabica tree, delicate in nature, thrives on careful cultivation and warm climate.

Carballo´s great-great grandfather once transported coffee beans by oxcart many miles over mountainous terrain.

It was the start of a family tradition which began five generations ago.
The trip took several weeks to reach the coast where the coffee was loaded onto ships. Today, the same journey takes only several hours.

Workers return to the Arabica trees many times, because only the ripest cherries are picked on each visit. Beans are meticulously sorted. Selected Café Chic beans are never mixed with a lesser variety.

"My hobby is roasting Café Chic," says Carballo, "so my job is a pleasure. I personally supervise the roasting of Café Chic for export, and I choose each lot of coffee to be used in our plants to ensure it is one-hundred percent Arabica."

Café Chic is for connoisseur. There is a difference. It's rich and sumptuous. Take your first sip.

You will discover the aristocrat of coffee. Café Chic.